Welcome to Trinity Financial Planning. Hello and thank you for visiting the Trinity Financial Planning Website.  Whether you are here because of  advertising or you found us on your own web search we are blessed that you found us.   We developed this website for Americans dedicated to Unlocking the American Dream of becoming financially  free.  We are further dedicating this site to the dreams and ideals of “The Greatest Generation of American’s,”  who saved their money, lived within their means and provided a future for their children and their  grandchildren.  We have not forgotten your sacrifice and we, here at Trinity Financial, want to re-establish  and re-engage those time tested strategies that allowed us to be better stewards of our assets our talents  and our time.  Our prayer for America is the same as it is for our clients in that the changes we make in  investing habits will allow our clients freedom to serve God, their families and their community in ways that truly Unlock God’s dream  for America.  One nation, indivisible, in His service, with liberty and justice for all.     Yes, we here at Trinity Financial have a real belief of Unlocking the American Dream.   It can all start here for you today. We pray that  you will take part in it with us…   Trinity Financial Planning   •   1488 Laurel Way   •    Atlantic Beach, Fl 32233   •   Phone (904) 249-9512   •   pcrandallfinance@yahoo.com                                                                       © Copyright 2010 Trinity Financial Planning   All Rights Reserve     Paul Crandall - Owner
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